April 2014 Gathering – Eaton’s

Camping Yurts
CampingYurts.com exhibit at the Self Reliance Expo in Mesquite, Texas, April 4-5, 2014

Richard Waters, owner of CampingYurts.com, came to the DFW area in April to show his yurts at the Self Reliance Expo in Mesquite, Texas. Richard Waters lives in Oregon and is son-in-law of Gregory Williams, a long-time advocate of people taking responsibility for governing themselves and providing for the needy through true charity rather than by a government of force.

Richard stayed an extra day after the Expo and came to Hawkins, Texas where he served as a information resource during a gathering of families who make up the Ouichita congregation. Four families where represented and the house was filled with the energy of seven home-schooled or pre-schooled children.

Cold and wet weather spoiled plans to be lakeside absorbing the spring sun, breeze, and sounds of nature. But a large sun room offered the next best thing. And, when everyone got hungry, we enjoyed a very informal potluck style lunch around the kitchen table while continuing the conversation.

A few items discussed:

  • Each individual’s testimony of how their “eyes were opened.”
  • Unique challenges faced by the unnumbered and by husbands and wives with witnessed holy matrimony documentation but no state marriage licence.
  • The importance of creating jobs for the unnumbered and an economy so they are able to “buy and sell” without the number.
  • The necessity of creating intentional-type, food-secure communities.
  • Plans for attending the Missouri Gathering in May.


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