Mobile Ministries Swings through Northeast Texas

RV parked on boat ramp
RV parked on boat ramp

His Church at Ouichita was honored to be visited by Paul & Lisa Bethke on their nationwide tour. They arrived the evening of Friday, March 13 and departed Thursday afternoon, March 19, for Texarkana. While here, Paul and Lisa parked the Mobile Ministry RV on the boat ramp at the Eaton family lake lot which, despite a week of mostly rain, provided a first-class view overlooking Lake Hawkins.

The highlight of the visit was the HCO gathering at the Falster Farm Sunday afternoon. Present were Paul & Lisa, hosts Karl and Nancy Falster, 4 of the 5 Button family members and a friend that came with them, Tom Creed, current Minister of Record Caleb Eaton, and Andrew.

Congregation elders, family  and friends
Congregation elders, family and friends

There were lots of good conversations. Some that stood out:

  • Paul provided some historical context about how Brother Gregory initially got started on this path, and explained the order in which the books were written and inspiration behind each one.
  • Paul provided a good explanation of how the Israelites rejected God and, like any loving father, God methodically shows them how a king is not the answer…he gives them the most popular and physically outstanding guy, then a guy after his own heart, then the “wisest” guy. No matter how great the qualifications, things keep to getting worse.

We wrapped up the evening with a great potluck meal and more discussion around the table.

Paul & Lisa were also able to meet many of Caleb Eaton’s family (parents, brothers and sisters-in-law) over three different evenings.

Lisa, Paul, Caleb
Lisa, Paul, Caleb
Playing "the peg game" at the Eaton's
Playing “the peg game” at the Eaton’s
Close -up with Paul & Lisa
Close -up with Paul & Lisa

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