Building Community Around Real Wheat

einkorn fields
Einkorn Fields. Source: Wikimedia Commons

A great article by Anna Roth highlights the emergence of thriving pockets of experimentation with local, heritage grains in communities all over America. “In a neat bit of groupthink,” she says, “all of these cells have formed across the country nearly independently of each other, but are now connecting and sharing information.”

einkorn wheat
Einkorn wheat with and without husks. Source: Wikimedia Commons

There Will Be Bread: The Newest Development in Food Culture Is Also the Oldest relates the stories of a number of artisan bakers and farmers who are rediscovering that the subject of wheat—outside of the boring GMO commodity circles—is excitingly fulfilling and flavorful.

Are there heirloom wheat farmers in our area that we can support? How can we develop a favorable atmosphere for similar enterprises in the Ouichita area?

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