Building Community by Helping Farmers

In her brilliant article, The Not So Simple Life, author Whitney Light guides us through the adventures of Kate and Dan Marsiglio who left their jobs to start a small, wholesome self-sufficient farm. Today, eight years later, they are still on a day-to-day- quest to make it worthwhile.

Loving the Dirt
Connecting farm owners with those that love to farm. Source: Wikimedia Commons

His Church at Ouichita knows local farmers in the same situation. One of the major sacrifices we hear about among local farmers is that they are never able to take vacations because there is no one available to keep the farm running in their absence.

Another disappointment is that an older generation of farmers is selling their farms because there is no younger generation that the mantel can be passed to. The result, indirect though it may be, is to further empower Monsanto and Big Agra while undermining the food-independence of the local community.

We believe their are better solutions. Our network of families have taken over the chores at farms to give the owners a break. And we have other families who don’t own a farm but dream of working one. 

Background info:

Article about rich investors buying farms.

Ramifications are interesting… 

  • Will farms be more strategically run? 
  • Will non-farmer investors “buy into” Monsanto propaganda? 
  • Will investors form real partnerships with farmers or will the true farmers be nothing more than employees (slaves) who don’t really have a vested interest in the farms’ success? 
  • Will stockpiles of grain continue to shrink? 

Gregory Williams discusses many of these issues here… Download MP3 

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